Hello there!

I’m Rose, a young international award-winning filmmaker and photographer.  Thank you for coming by to check out my corner of the internet.


So take a well-deserved coffee break and have a look around some of my images.




To see a full lifestyle shoot go here 



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I hope you enjoyed looking through some of my photos.

I’ve been on my photography journey since I was twelve years old.  When I’m behind the camera I want those moments to be relaxed, stuffed full of laughter and with more than a sprinkle of life’s natural craziness.

As an entrepreneur I’ve been featured in many publications, such as UNO Magazine, NZ Herald, Nadia Magazine, Paper & Lace, New Zealand Women’s Weekly and Stand Out Women.


My film production company Twinkling Bat Films has won awards all around the globe, featured in nationwide film festivals and competitions.  In 2019 In The Rainbow, a series I created for TVNZ OnDemand went live.


Thank you for looking at some of my photos, they were made with love for some very special people.

If you want to get in touch then flick me an email at me@rosemcmahon.com or drop me a line on 021 157 8474