Max at Old Forest School


LMR Max 4   LMR Max 7 LMR Max 8   LMR Max 11 LMR Max 12   LMR Max 15 LMR Max 16     LMR Max 21     LMR Max 26

Rose photographed our son Max just after he turned two-years-old. As a photographer myself, I know all too well the importance of taking photos that really embody the nature of my child. Rose’s photos of Max capture who he is and also embody how I see him. She captured his sense of cheekiness, self-assuredness, vulnerability and the subtleties that make him the vibrant little kid that steals our heart each day. We will cherish these photos for a lifetime. They will be taking pride of place in our family album and will serve as a constant reminder of a wonderful weekend in the country. Rose is a very talented photographer and we couldn’t recommend her more.
Anna & Zach Kidman.

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