Little Wilson

I would like you to meet this gorgeous little boy who I photographed in the middle of last week…his name is Wilson.  He is eight months old and has just started to crawl. He is a bright eyed, button nosed and cherry cheeked little boy with a huge personality.  He loved exploring the historic school house and grounds at Old Forest School with his Mum and Dad and enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things that were around him.  It was my first ever baby shoot of a child under two years old.  To be honest I was quite worried about it and thought that he might not interact with me and the little vintage childhood treats I had.  But it all came together and he was much, much easier than I had originally thought.  He was so interested in the props I was showing him and giving him to play with, he especially liked playing with the vintage globe and loved the sound that it made when he tapped it.

I had a wonderful afternoon with Wilson and his lovely parents.  He just adored my Mum but I think that she loved him just as much, every time I show her a photo of him she wants him to come back so she can give him a big cuddle.

I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year but you will see another blog post from me before then.  I hope that you all enjoy looking at this gorgeous wee fellow and please feel free to leave a comment, I would love it if you did.  Xx



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4 thoughts on “Little Wilson

  1. You have an outstanding talent and I absolutely love these pics of Mr Wilson….he sure is one gorgeous little boy and you have done the best job in capturing his little personality! I love your work and continue to watch your talent grow! Keep it up and keep the updates coming 🙂

  2. Hi Rose

    What a beautiful blessing you have given that family!

    Believe in yourself – your natural gifts are apparent to all who see your work. And your unique perspective on life and your photo subjects is a delight to read. You inspire your 40 year cousin to follow my gifts and dreams more often. Keep doing what your doing!


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