Little Miss Me in the NZ Woman’s Weekly

It’s a super-duper big privilege to have an article written about me in New Zealand’s Woman’s Weekly!  It came out on December the 3rd 2014 and I was so excited I could not stand it !  It all began when  one of my amazing Facebook followers, who has a connection  with someone at the NZ Woman’s Weekly, told them all about me.

The next thing I know I get a phone call from out of the blue from one of their writers, Aroha, who told me he would love to interview me for an article!

I was a little nervous being interviewed on the phone but I managed it OK, I think. I don’t remember too much of what I said it was all a blur.

I was really relived when I was told that Maree Wilkinson (a photography friend of mine who has taught me heaps) was assigned to take my photos at Old Forest School. She did an amazing job, although it was really strange at first being on the other side of the camera lens.

My dad bought a whole bunch of copies of at the supermarket. The checkout lady thought dad was a little strange (even more than usual) for buying so many copies. He seemed really proud telling me how he told the lady at the supermarket about me being in the magazine.


Thank you to Aroha Awarau. he made me feel at ease during the interview. He started his magazine career at the NZ Woman’s Weekly more than seven years ago. He has passion for telling Kiwi stories – the triumphs, the heartbreaks and the many inspirational tales.

Thank you to everyone who supports me , encourages me and shares my story with people they know.  I really appreciate it.

You can read the article he wrote by click here Little Miss Rose in the NZ Woman’s Weekly.


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